Ottawa-Gatineau Decolonial Resources

The following are a few resources on the Indigenous and settler colonial history of the Ottawa-Gatineau Region

Histoire antiraciste uOttawa Antiracist History: Website of antiracist historians at the University of Ottawa providing antiracist historical and pedagogical resources.

Reimagine Canada (Day): A five-stop self-guided tour that takes you on a journey around downtown Ottawa, which is on the unceded, unsurrendered, ancestral lands of the Algonquin Nation.

Indigenous Walking Tours : A guided walk and talk through downtown Ottawa that presents participants with Indigenous social, political, cultural and artistic spaces. Indigenous Walks is owned and operated by Jaime Koebel, Nehiyaw/Michif from Lac La Biche, Alberta. Native Land is a crowed-sourced, interactive website mapping traditional territories of Indigenous people, treaties and language that is led by Indigenous experts. Use it to learn more about the land where you are, the original caretakers, languages, and treaties between settlers and Indigenous people.

Ottawa Black Diaspora Coalition: The Ottawa Black Diaspora Coalition (OBDC) is a volunteer-run, social justice organisation that was founded in 2016; based in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, on Unceded and Unsurrendered Algonquin, Anishinaabe Territory. OBDC works to combat all forms of anti-Black systemic racism and our coalition is strengthened through the support of the community.

Atlas de Gatineau: Cet outil en ligne présente le territoire de Gatineau à l’aide de cartographie interactive. Vous pouvez afficher ou éteindre de nombreux types d’information à votre guise. —– Interactive map of Gatineau real estate giving all kinds of info about lots, owners, aerial photography, etc. (This is not a decolonial resource per se, but may have all kinds of uses for decolonial activists and researchers)

Historical Articles and Podcasts

Algonquin Territory: Indigenous title to land in the Ottawa Valley is an issue that is yet to be resolved – by Peter Di Gangi

Algonquin History in the Ottawa Watershed – by James Morrison

History of the Ottawa River Watershed – by Peter Di Gangi

Indigenous-authored Books for Children

Indigenous Texts by Megan Tipler (@tiplerteaches): Non-exhaustive list of children’s books by Indigenous authors, organized by reader age and other categories.

Genocide, Indian Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation

Canada Day Statement: The History of Violence Against Indigenous Peoples Fully Warrants the Use of The Word “Genocide by the Canadian Historical Association

Truth before reconciliation: 8 ways to identify and confront Residential School denialism by Daniel Heath Justice and Sean Carleton

The Eighth Stage of Genocide by Daniel Rück and Valerie Deacon

Genocide, Indian Policy, and Legislated Elimination of Indians in Canada by Pamela Palmater

Open letter to the Council of the Canadian Historical Association and the Canadian Public by Shekon Neechie (collective of Indigenous historians)