New Website: Histoire antiraciste | uOttawa | Antiracist History

I am co-founder and co-organizer of a community of historians at the University of Ottawa who oppose racism and stand in solidarity with racialized students, staff, and faculty. Part of our work so far has been to build a website providing antiracist historical and pedagogical resources, and we continue to add resources. It also includes our antiracist statement titled La pensée historique face au racisme contemporain | Thinking Historically to Confront Racism Today

As part of a smaller working group of the Antiracist History Group, we received funding from the uOttawa Faculty of Arts in 2021 for a project entitled “Building Belonging through Antiracist Pedagogy: Workshop Collaboration for Knowledge Mobilisation and Advancement” which is organizing antiracist pedagogy workshops in French and English beginning in August and September 2021.

The Active History article titled Racial Incidents” are Clothespins Hanging on a Clothesline of Institutional Whiteness by Meredith Terretta, published in French on Histoire Engagée as Les « incidents raciaux » sont des pinces à linge suspendues à une corde à linge de blanchité institutionnelle, gives context for the group and the website.